Ret PVP damage so sad

Oh yeah definitely. You really can't stress enough how important Ret off-healing is.

Heck, I would have most likely have lost my last Battle for Gilneas if it wasn't for Selfless Healer and Word of Glory on our team's only healer. (Compared to the enemy team's 3 healers. :x)

That is all...
Damage in PvP is fine. just make sure to geared up and gem/enchant. just check the guy below me.
My damage feels fine, I've topped a few BGs. Getting that heroic dungeon weapon makes a huge difference.
The damage you do mostly scales from your weapon.... get the best weapon you can. A Heroic 5man dungeon weapon can be attained with a little luck, it makes a big difference, I noticed how much my damage has been going up as my gear has improved, Ret is scaling very well with gear right now it seems. My PvP gear is !@#$ty too atm, everyone starting out in PvP again has to go through this unfortunatly, 90 feels much different than 85 so I have to sort of "learn" to play again.... A more painless way to get some decent gear would be to grind heroic dungeons and use the JP to convert to honor and get the blue season 12 stuff...
I Agree, i do Pvp for leveling a lot right now, and with my LUCKY LOOt from a Rare it feels good to make Damage on all these guys :)
Hope i will find a good when 90 also ;)

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