Fire Camp Osul Storyline

Bug Report
I've completed all the quests at Fire Camp Osul, including the final one where you kill Jung Drak, or whatever his name is, however I did not get credit for the Fire Camp Osul storyline in my zone achievement progress. I checked wowpedia and have done all the quests.

I've searched everywhere for another quest in the area but there are none. There's not much info about this available through a google search.

Is this achievement bugged?
I also have this problem. <edit> I finished the quests in Hatred's Vice and that completed it for me. Not sure if you have tried this.
Fire Camp Osul Storyline is buged? It's the only thing that prevents me from being Loremaster of Pandaria, I did all the missions and can not find another questgiver hopefully fix this bug soon.
I'm having the same issue.
Had the same issue. Went to Hatred's Vice as Ishnaaru suggested and there were a couple of quests there that completed the acheivement for me also.
Confirmed. The missing few are at Hatred's Vice.
Hi and thanks for your posts. I scoured Hatred's vice and found nothing. Any thoughts on where I should look next?
Finally did this for the achievement and low and behold many of you are facing the same issue. Blizz get off your Arses and fix your buggy game. Tired of hitting these spongy dead ends when it comes to achievements....

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