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I have two Accounts -- [1] one that is all the way upgraded, max up to date with Mists of Pandaria, this one -- and [2] one that I stopped using back at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, a month or so before Cataclysm hit, I think...

I have a question about Achievements, Feats of Strength, and related Account wide / Account bound items.

[*] If I pay to transfer my original main(s) onto my new account, what will carry over?

[1] Will I get all of my old Feats of Strength on my new account?
[x] Example: Realm First! Magic Seeker on one main (now account wide).

[2] Will I get all of my old Achievements on my new account?
[x] Example: None (I don't think my new account is missing any).

[3] Will I get all of my old Pets on my new account?
[x] Example: Baby Blizzard Bear - I still have the usable item sitting on one main, even (though the pet is now account wide).

[4] Will I get all of my old Mounts on my new account?
[x] Example: My old account has 100% of everything from the Argent Tournament, whereas my new account does not (slowly working on it now, even).

[*] I used a Scroll of Resurrection from my new account to revive my old one. I am to receive a free Level 80 Boost on any character as well as a free realm transfer to my other server (the new main one).

[5] Will any / all of the above carry over with the brand new Level 80, or what will not carry over?
[x] Example(s): Everything I listed and mentioned above.

[!] Basically, if anyone can help out with answering questions or providing me with the exact relevant information, I would greatly appreciate it.

I don't want to spend $25 to transfer from my old account to my new one if I'm not gonna get any of my old Achievements + Feats of Strength + Etc back.

Hopefully, I have typed this up with clarity. My apologies for any confusion.

Hope to receive helpful replies / advice soon. Many thanks in advance!
Just about nothing except pets you crate up will transfer.

Why don't you call Billing and have your old WoW license put onto your new Battlenet Account. You can have up to 8.
No, you have to call to have it done.
Alrighty. Thank you!
Ivellios, did this work for you? I'm currently in the same boat and I wanted to know if they were able to get your old account onto your new.
I have had it done several times in the past. As long as both accounts are yours, they can move a WoW Account from one Battlenet Account to another.

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