Prot PVP

So, I havent played since mid WotLK when Prot in PVP was pretty good and fun (and moderately competitive).

How is prot now, any blogs I can look at, do PVP prot paladins still wear ret gear? Glyphs? Please help, would love to Prot in BGs again
please reply
Try it out? Avengers shield hits harder than t.v ever did before the hotfix, it's probably insane now. I don't see a prot pally killing much, even with the wog glyph you're pretty much a sitting duck without emancipate and exorcism.
Dont mind me folks just bumping prot pvp threads
As far as I know, its pretty non-existent due to Vengence no longer scaling in PvP (not sure if you were around for that). Give it a go, you will see you don't die SUPER easy, but your damage will be lacking.
For casual BG's it may work semi-ok. Just gear exactly like Ret except grab a sword n' board. Also mastery is worthless.

We cant RBG Flag Carry for crap though.
I don't see pally prot pvp being good anywhere outside of random bg

Our dmg is subpar since vengeance no longer scales and our on-demand burst is pathetic. IMO, ret is far more superior to prot since ret has higher holy power generation rate and you'll be able to throw out more wogs if necessary.
10/03/2012 09:42 AMPosted by Dandaman
We cant RBG Flag Carry for crap though.

We two sprints to choose from now along with a reliable snare (glyphed avenger's shield) so we don't even need to spec into burden of guilt. We have some good CCs as well in Fist of Justice and Blinding light.

It's not nearly as bad as it was in Cataclysm.

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