Hunter or Monk?

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lvl 24 hunter and 43 monk which will be better end game for raids and stuff??
Monks have a lot more options for the raid, as they can perform all three roles. I don't really know what their utility is, however. I haven't researched it.

Hunters are locked into a DPS role. They're good at it, and they bring tons of utility with their traps and pets which can fill missing buffs/debuffs.

I have next to no experience with monks outside of the low level ones, so I can't really judge what would be best. They'd probably be pretty equal though.
If you want the opportunity to tank or heal, go monk. If you want to be dps ONLY, go hunter. Ranged is always harder to find than melee and is usually in higher demand.
Neither, because you're basing your raid performance on your class and not yourself.
Hunters are always a good option for raids, they have pretty solid dps. Monks however can tank, heal or dps which is always good, I have no idea how good they are since I don't see many around.
10/03/2012 07:25 AMPosted by Lubb
vl 24 hunter and 43 monk which will be better end game for raids and stuff??

A level 24 or a level 43?

I would say neither is suited for end game.

Anyhow...pick the one you want to play. Any answer you get here will be subjective. And may not apply to you.
i would say hunter if you want to have fun and quest fast.If you want to do dungeons/raids and have fun i say monk
Hunters destroys everything in PvP. If that's what you're looking for.
Hunter goes invisible at 85. Monks get a big tiger at 90. I say level a hunter to be awsome dps lv a monk for dps/tank/healer and have a choice.
Which do you like more? being up close and personal with the boss or keeping your distance and nuking from afar?
This thread was from almost a year ago. I think the OP already made up his mind.

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