Can you tell who won when observing?

Pet Battles
So if two players are fighting each other and you are standing on the sideline watching, is there any way the observer is able to tell who won? Is there a chat emote or a /dance that's view able to anyone outside the battle?
This would be good to know, since my guild's hosting a small tournament soon...
Yup, I can only give prizes if I know that there is a way I can tell if someone won - or else players will say they won when they didn't.
I don't believe there is an emote or /dance or whatever. The best that I can think of is to have the winner screencap the end of the game showing the result of the duel for verification, in case the other player tries to cheat.

I was looking to see if there is a pet-duels-won statistic, but if there is, it's not in the armory. I know a lot of stats are missing there - can anyone with access to WoW at the moment check to see if such a thing exists? If so, you'd just be able to look at the number before and after and see which one went up.

I would hope that guildies at least would be honest about it...

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