The Doctor

Wyrmrest Accord
A small blue journal washes up on the shore inside most of the pages are either torn out or simply illegible. It looks as if the little book had been in the ocean for some time. One page however, appears to have survived the journey... It is dated for two days prior to the great cataclysm.

<The experiments seemed to be going well, patient A340 had responded to all transplants and serums positively. I felt as if the cure might have been close at hand, however early this morning he had managed to break free from his containment cell. I suppose one scientific advantage of this is that I can follow the sickness firsthand, writing it down as the symptoms come.
0850--- this bite is itching.
0930--- the cold sweats and fever have started. Temperature is nearly 104.
1100--- the wound seems to be infected.
1315--- I think... hallucinations have started.
1745--- The townsfolk have began knocking on my door... Still unsure if this is really happening... I think they may have found out about the experiments. I hear yelling... Something about a hanging... I'm having trouble... Concentrating...>

The rest of the page is smeared and torn.

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