Mad Guterals looking for core members!

Mad Guterals is a new alliance guild looking for new players to fill our pvp ranks. Need people to fill our late night core rbg spots as well as weekends/latenight pve raid leaders AND members. Great oportunity for all of us, and everyoney is welcome! Come start mop off the right way and become part of our community!

-Knowledgeable group of players
-Premade BG's
-Questing/leveling help, as well as instances
-Fresh guild
-Very active
-High rbg/arena expirence
-Guild repairs soon
-And more!

Talk with iopatheals, saladfingerz, or eyah about joining!! Or post here!
-Usually on late (after 9st)

Dont miss out!
don't you mean mad "gutterolls" :p

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