MoP-level Brewmaster Instance Quest Rewards

So...there aren't any mitigation stats (dodge/parry) on the quest rewards I've received so far. Any particular reason for this? Some of it has mastery, and of course expertise but it seems a little weird to me that the tank quest rewards wouldn't have mitigation stats on them. Especially when it seems like mastery is going to be towards the bottom of our stat weights.
Feral druids have dealt with this for years. Brewmasters will be fine.
There is no leather armor with dodge or parry. Presumably, much like Guardian druids, Brewmasters are balanced around the idea that they will wear DPS leather and reforge to dodge or parry if necessary.
Feral druids have 120% armor buff.
I suppose all of our mitigation is going to be purely active then?
Dodge/Parry aren't really that important for us. Haste and crit are actually BETTER at reducing damage / healer strain. That's just awesome design in my honest opinion.
It's not just that monks rely on active mitigation skills. Because of how our active mitigation skills work, crit and haste are mitigation stats for monks. Haste grants faster energy regen for chi generation, and both haste and crit result in additional Elusive Brew uptime. The net effect is that haste and crit are worth more point-for-point for mitigation purposes than traditional mitigation stats like parry and dodge.

Right now, monk tanking stat priority is:
Expertise to hard (parry) cap
Hit to special attack cap
Dodge / Parry

More detailed info:
most insightful all, thanks for the input :-D

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