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So I've been thinking since this xpac has came out. Why do we have to collect BOP Spirit of Harmony to craft items. I honestly think Spirit of Harmony is the worst thing about MOP. If I was to get a chest piece made from a guildie I'm going to have to have him/her take time out of her busy day and go farm BOP items so they can make my chest piece and or gloves. Since each item takes 80 mote of harmony or 8 Spirits of Harmony, that is a lot of farming to do. Not to mention crafting the item to sell isn't worth anyone time honestly. I can afk in Org and make just as much money as someone farming the spirits to craft a item so you can then hopefully sell it on the ah for a ridiculous amount of money.

Now on the other hand I do have a suggestion on how to make things better (If blizzard ever reads this) My suggestion comes from a man named Lore, recently on one of his shows he suggested that the auction house get an over hall or change or add something like the Guild Wars 2's auction house where if you are wanting to buy something, you can go to the auction house and say I'm willing to pay 1,500 for a Heart of the Earth ring or 2,000 gold for a living steel bar and then the crafter sees that someone want's to pay 1,500 gold for the ring so they go ahead and craft the ring and sells it to the guy. Basically we have a sellers/crafter style auction house atm we could have a buyers & sellers auction house.

I do like the current auction house set up so I would like to have the best of both worlds and have some sort of buyers section and sellers section. At least from personal experience it's nice to know you have a buyer before you craft something like the Jeweled Onyx Panther and have the guy tell you no thanks he changed his mind. That's my 2 cents Link down below so you can completely under stand what I'm talking about.

starts at 1:00:26
I completely agree. The way the setup is for Spirits of Harmony right now is pretty awful. If Blizz would treat them in the same manner Chaos Orbs were treated when they were first introduced in Cata, it would be a much better use of them. They really are wasted if people don't have items to buy from the SoH vendor and aren't crafters.

I do like the auction house recommendations. That being said, can we please get a little more variety on the Black Market Auction House? All that has been on there for the last week (in terms of gear) is mail gear and/or mail leatherworking patterns. You're killing the rest of us with the limited choices, Blizz...
10/05/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Jöndö
I support the current Spirit of Harmony / Crafting System.

I would prefer I could craft stuff for my guild easier than waiting on lucky drops of harmony.
10/05/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Acetylcholin
I support the current Spirit of Harmony / Crafting System.

I would prefer I could craft stuff for my guild easier than waiting on lucky drops of harmony.

Granted, but give it some time. Perhaps you'll discover a nice way of farming these things in the mean time. We're only a little over a week into the expansion, there's no need to bring about changes that don't provide longevity to playtime yet.

Plus, for non-crafters, I do recall a blue (I think) mentioning that you can spend them on stuff. That being the case, I don't really see why this is a problem for anyone. As has been popularly used lately, "Slow doooown".
10/05/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Jöndö
I support the current Spirit of Harmony / Crafting System.

As a crafter I HATE it. I have 3 diffrent guildies wanting me to craft stuff that need 2 spirits each. I also have stuff I want to craft for myself that uses them.

MEanwhile guildies who don't even HAVE a crafting proffestion are sitting on a ton of htem with nothing to do.

Plus I have multiple alts to work on, so I don't have time to farm spirtis on each one for everything to level professions.

At LEAST make them BoA, so I can send them between alts, and get somewhere.
Its good for the game that you need to spend time getting something you want.

I bet you would like it if a entire set of epics was sent to your mailbox so you wouldnt have to do anything anymore. Then come back here on the forums and complain blizz needs to release more content!

Love the changes to to the system.
Have 1 drop off of each end boss in a heroic dungeon.
Anyone that loves the changes to the system are retarded. I am looking at paying 65,000 gold for an epic level craft due to the fact that crafters are limited buy items that dont exist.

People that can craft gear don't get them but 18 spirits of harmony and not a damn thing to do with them atm.

Soul bound on these is just retarded. Might as well make cloth, leather, ore, disenchant mats, etc soulbound too.

An entire spirit for a stack of ore is rediculous. At the current spirit -> gold exchange on my realm, you should get at least a hundred stacks of ore / spirit.
I'm fine with it.

Drop rates seems to be about 40% for motes so I'm getting them pretty quick, and now that I finally found a place to spend all the damn things It works out
10/05/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Nymosis
Have 1 drop off of each end boss in a heroic dungeon.

I disagree.

Blizzard is putting the "epic" back in to epic. Players have been spoiled with how easy it was to get epics since Wrath.

Having them drop off end bosses would just mean guild runs to farm for the spirits.

I'm sure eventually Blizzard will make them BOA just like they did with Orbs in Cata, just not within the first two weeks of an expansion.
Make em BoA and I'd be happy now. I don't WANT to have to farm them on each of my alts. I DON'T mind farming them. I DO mind that I have 4 diffrent chars who need them and I have to work on each of them to get them.

I already have lineups on some of my chars, and suprlus on others. But I prefer to play certain chars over others, so no surprise there. All this is doing is forcing me to spend more time on all my chars then on the ones I want to play, taking away from the fun.
10/05/2012 06:09 PMPosted by Elisamaza
I like how it works atm. No short cuts to high end gear. You got to work for it a little or spend a real lot.
It's called having to spend time to be good again, quit your whining and realize. They're putting EFFORT back into the game.

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