It is sad that...

Resto Druid, Mage, _________ will always be the most viable team now.

Resto Druids are pretty much a staple as the healer, and that is just wrong.
Your actually wrong anything with a bm hunter warrior or sp is the top team right now resto druids are the best healers but im not gonna sit here and let some one like you make blizzard nerf resto into the ground again the last 3 seasons in cata were retarded and resto druids weren't even playable
Ehh I guess I see what you are saying Kronax. But I couldn't disagree more with Blacksock. I would prefer nerfs to resto druids and mages 10 times that over anything else you mentioned. 5 people on a resto druid and he can just live/kite forever isn't right.

And resilience/health is going to get even larger, lowering damage but not healing. If a resto druid is capable of living as long as they can now, it is just going to be disgusting later on. I have seen what it's like via beta when people have 390k+ health and 70%+ damage redux. It is no fun at all.
remember rdruid/lock in s5/6 Immortality!!! take it, it's yours!!!!!!!

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