Going to be upgrading soon and need some advi

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Hello, i am going to be upgrading my cpu/mobo/gpu/cooler

the parts i have chosen so far are:
- i5 3570k
- Cooler Master 212 evo
- MSI Z77A-G45
- Asus 660 ti

would like some advice please... my budget is 750$
( i am also upgrading from an i3 2120, asus 6850, msi b75ma-e33 )
Do you already have that i3 system or was that your initial plan?

If the former, unless you will OC that CPU for sure, you are much better off just buying i5-3450 and get a different graphics card.

Even then, what you have already should be great for most games though. So at this point, you're better off with an SSD or a new monitor rather than new CPU/motherboard/graphics card.

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