[A]10m- Dark Exodus is recruiting!

Are you tired of going week to week not knowing if you will raid? Are you looking to change that? If the answer to either of those questions was “YES!”, then Dark Exodus is the guild for you. We are a guild that is new to Frostwolf, but not new to the game. Run by 2 previous US top 50 raiders, we have had experience both running our own raids as well as taking part in raids led by others to great success, including server first kills. Our goal for this expansion is to bring together a focused, progression oriented group through Mists of Pandaria. For this to happen, we need to have like-minded people. Do you have that mentality? Check the checklist below to see:

What we’re looking for:
• Experienced raiders looking to do progression raiding in a mature, drama-less atmosphere.
• People that want in on an experience of building something great from the ground up.
• Dedicated and trustworthy members that are looking for a place to call “home” in game.

What we don’t want:
• People that just want loot, and then looking to skip out on raids.
• People who start drama.
• People who we will have to carry.

We are going to be a small group of about 13-15 core raiding members. We will add more groups as our numbers grow, with the first 2 groups each being run by one of the founders. However, do not think we are elitist. No one likes logging on and seeing no one on in guild so, naturally, casuals of all levels are welcome. If those casuals later want to become raiders, well that is ok too. Now then, on to our raiding schedule:

Tentative schedule:
Our tentative raiding schedule will be 3 nights a week. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, from 8pm-12am server time. We expect to be in raids by October 16th (2 weeks) as a guild group.

To the Kil’Jaeden players that are interested, the free realm transfer is still up, and we would love to have you! If this sounds like it is your idea of a great place to raid, feel free to talk to an officer in-game. Your GM and Co-GM are Darkéyes and Belzan respectively. If we are not online, send an in-game mail or contact us by Battlenet ID’s which will be posted at the bottom. We log on daily and have a lot of play time but it is usually more towards the evening hours.


Netto#1919- Belzan
Ripklawe#1710- Darkéyes

Thanks for your interest and we will see you in game!

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