PC-Launcher not responding.

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Currently, I am unable to play through my launcher. As soon as it loads everything becomes unresponsive, varying from just unable to click anything (but still having things like sound and light-up) to a straight lock down. I have tried everything. From deleting the wtf, cache, and interface folders, to deleting the battle.net and blizzard folders in Personal Data, down to even completely reinstalling the game.

I was forced to call when not even the launcher installer would work. Through this, I found that it is a 'mysterious' application causing this issue, as I was told to try the download in safe mode. Through a series of checks, I have found that it is not my firewall, nor is it any anti virus device causing the lock, but cannot find which program is causing the hassle.

I don't think I can, nor should, have to keep restarting to safe mode just to play a game. But, well, daddy needs his medicine. Has anyone else had an issue with an outside (another application) causing issues with the launcher/downloader? Anything would be helpful, thank you.
Hmmm. So it launches in Safe Mode fine but normal windows it becomes unresponsive. Not AV, Not Firewall. I am going to go with not Flash either because it works in Safe-mode.

Give me a sec I need to find a blue post

Hit the Windows key + R, and type:


Then hit Enter or Ok.

This will bring up System Information.

Click on the + sign next to Software Environments
Click on Running Tasks
Click on one item on the right side
Click on Edit, and then Select All (Or hit Ctrl-A)
Click on Edit, and the Copy (Or hit Ctrl-C)

Then Paste everything into a reply.

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