Singin in the Sun

Bug Report
The quest labeled "Singin in the Sun", inside of the zone Felwood currently is bugged from it's appearance. When you walk into a ray of light, your sapling will then proceed to run away from you, and return after a short while, all while giving no credit. This repeats every attempt to stand under a ray.
I had the same problem, until I found 2 shafts in the very northern area of the quest POI, where the Sapling Protector will bask in the sun. Finally got to complete this quest after 2 days of trying.
If you follow the protector when he walks away, he goes to a dirt pile from the previous quest, and you get credit for basking in the sun. Apparently he wants to play in the dirt, not bask.
Yeah, basking in the dirt.

I found that if you just stay within range of him, you'll get credit for it. I don't know exactly how close the range is, but if you don't move, he gets out of sight then reappears next to you and you don't get credit. I never got farther than 15 yards from him and it was good. Still annoying.

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