power word insanity is awful

why? 4 secs? gotta wait for swp to hit 4 secs? WHOOPS DISPELL...
not 4 sec... theres also a delay.. some time pop at the very end.. and if you are on on GCD you going to miss it. same with shadow word death.
i would disagree. insanity helps alot against mages ret pallys dk's and rogue warrior under situation where those classes are all up in your face and waiting for a direct cast from u to interupt and silence where you cannot find time to cast VT and can only heal till your fear cd's are up.

also great against mage locks and other shadow priest situation for example a mage. just dot and spam dispel and click when they can't put up their shield cause you're going dispel mad so thats like a 20-30% (@lvl 85) chip off their health bar and just rinse repeat (thats just part of the process of taking out a mage or put him under pressure) till they either run or waste their cd's stopping you from spamming dispel and the same goes to melee for cd's to come up depending on how you play and i have seen it crit for over 50k but true that it can be rendered useless when dispelled so it's more of a preference pick of choice. with the gcd that you're exp with missing i hardly have that problem 5 sec is plenty of time if your haste level is high enough to the point where your globals be come 1 sec. (and silence or stun doesn't land at that precise moment)

it has good burst when you can't seem to cast mind blast mind spike or VT so it's far from being awful. can crits for over 100k at lvl 90
Worth it. Ive seen it crit for 70k, in pvp, against a full pvp geared target. That and it gives you something to do with SW:P other than just constantly refresh it, I really like the flow that SW:I brings to the shadow rotation.

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