Low DPS in MoP Dungeons?

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I've been queueing up for the new MoP dungeons as a healer and I noticed that the DPS consistently is only hitting about 10k dps, sometimes just barely hitting 9k. Quite a few of them are well geared too (for their levels).

I know a lot of players have only just returned for the new expansion, but the low dps seems ridiculous. The average boss fight is 10 minutes plus, at which point I stop healing and DPS in resto spec and out damage the DPS.

Is this happening to anyone else? Or am I just getting very bad luck with my groups?
Bad luck, I don't get this often if at all.

Had a hunter once who thought it'd be hilarious to dps naked. Pulled roughly 10k
Im getting 10-15k DPS in level 90 Facerolls now, seems those players have finally picked up MoP on their way home from their busy lives with 9 kids 4 wives and 6 jobs.

It's pretty much what you sign up for with the random dungeon system though, for better or worse.

Outside removing players with vote to kick, there's no other recourse, they've nerfed the game as much as they can, I don't think dividing it by 0 again will work, and classes have been buffed to the point level 20's are pulling more single target boss DPS than 70's were in TBC, these players are unhelpable, as any advice given will get you "DONT TELL ME HOW TO PLAY MY CLASS, I PAY 15$ A MONTH", so you let them keep frostbolting on their Sha of entitlement Arcane mage.
I've healed A LOT of heroics over the past week and more often than not, the tank will out dps the dps. It's blown my mind.
If the DPS isn't pulling 30k I don't stay past the first boss. I was doing that as ret in GREENS, not exactly a spec known for it's stunningly high DPS output. Now that my offspec is geared in 458/463 I can pull 40-50k with no problems on bosses.

As a tank I usually pull 20k-25k single target with Insight on depending on how hard I'm getting hit. If it's a large AOE pack and I pop SOT on I can do 40k on a pull. There's just no earthly excuse why players are doing so poorly.

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