Level 85 Cataclysm PVP Gear Vendors Missing

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11/27/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Lakespirit

thank you
The armor for straight up classes for 85 cata is in the dalaran sewers. I have not seen any for my paladin, though, so I am confirming what other commenters have said it is only for those classes like warrior, mage, etc. A "hybrid" class armor is not there. The 85 ruthless stuff is present for my paladin, though, so I guess they have it up for the hybrids. Also you will find the cata 85 weapons such as mace/shield at least I could get those (but not the armor).
So I was expecting to see the Season 11 set added back for Pally's today, and yet, to no avail, it has still not been added. I looked in Area 52, Tanaris, Stormwind, and the Dalaran Sewers, and could not find it ANYWHERE! If Blizzard is going to add it for all of the non-hybrid classes, they need to add it back for the Hybrid Classes. Please, can we a Blue Post telling us when it will be added back?
Yea, Same things happening for me, I really want to get that gear, but now we're all stuck lol. No Druid or pally gear in there (cataclysmic) whatsoever. Please fix soon.
Srsly is a joke
Why did this had to happen to the best looking set for paladins? T.T
WOW! Look at all these "blue" responses! Blizz level of concern is overwhelming.
noobs if you pvp'd you would know that gadgetzan and Dalaran Always have pvp vendors, Thank you for being bad please continue.
01/01/2013 05:21 PMPosted by Luctien
noobs if you pvp'd you would know that gadgetzan and Dalaran Always have pvp vendors, Thank you for being bad please continue.
noob if you read the thread you would know that gear sets are missing for hybrid classes, thank you for making wrong assumptions and making yourself look foolish please continue.
where my gear at yo
I am a little dismayed about this as well. I was just looking for the level 85 pvp gear in Stormwind and come to find out there is none. I thought they just moved it, but then read this post. I hope it is just a glitch and not a way of Blizzard trying to phase out pvp. But I get the feeling they are. I heard they also made similar changes to COD multiplayer, making it less challenging and more level across the board. I think they are moving on from catering to the hardcore pvp players to a more casual game experience on all platforms.
in the sewers of dalaran you will find your level 85 pvp gear
I looked there, that's not even half of the Cataclysmic gear that used to be available. There was much more. And most of that gear are Cataclysmic weapons, wrathful, and vicious gear. I'm looking for Cataclysmic gear.

But i did find it in Gadgeztan. Look in Gadgeztan for all of the Cataclysmic pvp gear.
10/04/2012 07:11 AMPosted by Brøfist
There are plenty of other transmog sets you can get until they fix it.

As a casual player, I play mostly for vanity. My goal in the game is to enjoy what I'm doing, and to gather armor/sets for transmog and the like. I will not settle for something else, when I know what I already want. I want a specific set or piece of gear for a reason. Telling someone to just get something else is like telling a person to just PvE when they only play to PvP.
01/03/2013 02:18 AMPosted by Eyehartbewbz
in the sewers of dalaran you will find your level 85 pvp gear

Paladins and some of the other hybrid classes will not find their cataclysmic pvp sets. Thanks for posting wrong info though.
The Level 85 Cataclysm PVP Gear vendors have gone missing from Stormwind. I thought perhaps the gear had gotten moved to the Legacy vendors but this is not the case.

My husband and I still have characters that are trying to complete their Cata sets and this has us very upset I am sure many other people are upset as well.

I contacted a GM regarding this matter and the GM double checked and the gear is indeed gone. I told him that it makes no sense that the level 60, 70, and 80 pvp gear is still available for purchase but the level 85 Cata gear isn't. He agreed with me that this could not possibly be an intended change and that he would be submitting a bug report.

I also asked him to have the devs make a post in the forums regarding this matter but GMs don't have the power to do that. He suggested I make the post myself, so here I am.

Can we please get a "Blue" response. Was this an intended change or not? If so, why? And if not, when can we expect the vendors to be reinstated or the gear moved to the legacy vendors (as has always been done previously)?

the vendor is in Dalaran.
im assuming you want the gear for xmog, so no the information isn't wrong.
01/04/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Ethereals
what? where?

he is incorrect

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