Level 85 Cataclysm PVP Gear Vendors Missing

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The Level 85 Cataclysm PVP Gear vendors have gone missing from Stormwind. I thought perhaps the gear had gotten moved to the Legacy vendors but this is not the case.

My husband and I still have characters that are trying to complete their Cata sets and this has us very upset I am sure many other people are upset as well.

I contacted a GM regarding this matter and the GM double checked and the gear is indeed gone. I told him that it makes no sense that the level 60, 70, and 80 pvp gear is still available for purchase but the level 85 Cata gear isn't. He agreed with me that this could not possibly be an intended change and that he would be submitting a bug report.

I also asked him to have the devs make a post in the forums regarding this matter but GMs don't have the power to do that. He suggested I make the post myself, so here I am.

Can we please get a "Blue" response. Was this an intended change or not? If so, why? And if not, when can we expect the vendors to be reinstated or the gear moved to the legacy vendors (as has always been done previously)?

the vendor is in Dalaran.
im assuming you want the gear for xmog, so no the information isn't wrong.

Go on your paladin to that vendor in dalaran now and try to find your cataclysmic glad set. Information is wrong.
ally/horde raided ur city and killed the vendors. just hang out they will respawn
why dont they just move the pvp vendor to the first town in mists for both alliance and horde...easily solved if they want people to upgrade. Don't hurt the other players for wanting to pvp to level. I have a rogue and I am currently wanting to get the gear!
Ok for some reason I can buy the hunter lvl 85 season 11 gear in Dalaran can anyone else? this is the only character for me that can buy it.
Can you still get this gear from Alizabal in Baradin Hold?
I dont have Pandaria, just playin my 85's casually....When I found out that I cant buy any level 85 pvp gear to make my gold farming go faster it made me reconsider buying Pandaria.... I'd say Blizz knows exactly what they are doing.
You can actually get the 85 PvP gear. It's located in Dalaran, in the sewers. It's been there since before MoP.
01/23/2013 01:15 AMPosted by Lovelyarrows
You can actually get the 85 PvP gear. It's located in Dalaran, in the sewers. It's been there since before MoP

same you can get it in Dalaran But I have gone with almost all my toons and some classes do not have the ability to buy some pieces of pvp season 11 gear most hybrids classes so pally/druids cant by the season 11 just the season 10. but most core dps classes can buy their season 11 gear. Along with that if you dont see it make sure you are looking through all the pages there is more then 10 pages most of the time.
You can buy the 85 Cataclysm PvP gear in Gadgetzan in Tanaris vendors are by the cage in the middle
No gloves, no chest. all other pieces are there. (for priest)
No Cata PvP gear for druids, at all.. Only the weapons.

In both Dal and Tanaris.
As far as I can tell All the missing pvp gear is in Tanaris, but I've only checked weapons, druid gear and mage gear.
Even in Tanaris (Gadzetzan) or in Dalaran (sewers), the season 11 PvP lvl 85 gear are missing.

Blizzard simply withdrew all gear season 11 for Druid from the game :s

Now, we lvl 85 Druids, go to battle with a disavantage.

Shame, Blizzard.
Does anyone know if you can still get the cata set at lvl 90 on your rogue etc. ive gotten most pieces, im at 89 now and wondering if i should finish getting the set now as it may not be obtainable at 90.
ive actually found that they are in tanaris by using an app on my phone it is up to date for 5.1.0 something and sais that you can find the 85 sets in tanaris so if you want the gear go their

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