My Personal Constructing Warrior Feedback

I have over 250k hks on this warrior alone. I have been playing since season 1, and get 2200+ regularly. I am not a gladiator and i don't pretend to be, but i know what im talking about when it comes to my class.

this is my story, and the way i see it.

I have done 2s and 3s so far in the past few days, running War/Pal and War/Hunter/Druid. In both arena teams, we swept the lower brackets with 30 second games. We blew our CD's and gibbed the players as they failed to HoP the correct target, failed to Slink, and trinketed charge stun.

In 3's, it was not until 1900 MMR that gibbing in the first 30 seconds began to fail us. We only lost primarily to destro locks, spriests, and mirrors with any healer substitute. In 2s, we lost to Spriest/Rdruid, hunter/healer, and mirriors. All the losses were long games where defense CD's were used correctly.

a lot of the QQ here is coming from undergeared bads, as always, but i will say that if warrior burst was nerfed, and our normal rotation was buffed, i would be happy.

as an arms warrior, i can not get a kill without blowing CD's. There are key moments when i need to shattering throw, or get a killing blow, that i simply don't have the rage, and MS in on CD. There is no rotating CC's while doting up the target and slowly applying pressure for us; rage wont allow that game play. Everyone has every kind of stun, fear, silence, disarm, knock back, ect. its !@#$ing stupid now.

nerfing or buffing warriors will cause some pretty big repercussions in PVE, as all the lvl 90 talents are viable choices in PVP encounters.

i dont know if i have a point to this; this is just what im seeing. Any other warriors and NON-TROLL feedback is welcome.

i will gladly report and flag all trolls here; i want this to be constructing and non-childish. This is a %^-*ing game; stop taking it personally.

Also, blizzard, i know you.
I know what you do to warriors. You blanket nerf everything to the point that its broken, SIMPLY to make people not use it anymore, and then you think the problem is solved.

dont do that !@#$ here.

dont go back on your word and gut 2nd wind, while nerfing rotational damage and stacking buff damage. you do that EVERY time and its always an over-nerf that you "might" fix next content patch.

stop. think. LISTEN to the community.
most everyone is broken right now.
rogues suck. resto druids have stupid survivability. blood dks are god-like tanks in BG's. warlocks tank insane damage. ALL healing is retarded atm. hybrid healing needs a fat nerf.
I honestly have no issue with warriors other than their heals.
when we fight teams with warriors, its like we dont even have our CD's, because warriors know how to counter warriors.

if he blows CDs first, i shock wave, disarm, and charge stun. If i blow CD's first, he does it to me. The people i play with don't have a big issue with warriors because they play with me; they know how to counter stuff because i tell them what screws me over.

between GCD locks and low rage, if i get peeled with my CD's up for more than a few seconds, the other team is saved from being gibbed.

in one mirror game, the only way were were able to win after almost 30 minutes was to let one of us get low, then CC the other team. they all blew their trinkets in hopes to get the kill, but then we just hit our defenses, healed up, then went hard on them with our CDs and stuns.

it is possible to counter these teams, you just have to play smart. some teams burst, others lay dots and rotate CC.
this needs a bump.

lot of threads from low geared and underskilled players nerd raging in all caps here today.
probably got gibbed in a BG.
Holy christ thats alot of Hk's

PS: Warriors are fine
The problem is where the FotM meets the FotM and it seems balanced.

It's a delusion.
Holy christ thats alot of Hk's

PS: Warriors are fine

Lot's of HK's you say?

And the only thing I find wrong with warriors is their self healing when they get around 30% I think it is.
Holy christ thats alot of Hk's

PS: Warriors are fine

Lot's of HK's you say?

And the only thing I find wrong with warriors is their self healing when they get around 30% I think it is.

i just got DESTROYED by a rogue in a duel.
i waited late in the blind to trinket so i could wall his second opener and still got wrecked. I was only able to get him in a shockwave on the second duel (still lost) due to charge jumping bugging out the distance on my shockwave.

so, in arena, second wind saves my !@# when i try to LOS. if theyre hard on me, im dead.

edit: holy christ... 1.7 million hks?
The problem is where the FotM meets the FotM and it seems balanced.It's a delusion.

Lol cataclysm every team has a resto shaman so its balanced, right?
when i hear stampede go off, i know to fear/shockwave them off my team, or simply Die by the sword and s-key away to keep them in front.

i know how to negate hunter burst because i play with a hunter, and i know their abilities.

all these people crying about burst are simply getting caught without CDs, or caught off guard. If you dont have CDs, you SHOULD die. Why should you be so strong as to survive burst damage without blowing your defenses?
in my opinion:
warrior dmg is fine. learn to pop defensive CDs. second wind needs some nerf.
damage needs nerf when ppl die with their defensive cds up. AKA hunters taking people to field trips at the zoo.
or make beastialwrath CC immunity not affect hunter stampede pets.
Hi there, been posting in the forums here regular here since MoP released for the first time EVER. Been pvping since classic on this same warrior.

In my opinion, I find warrior damage outside of CD's to be fine. My issue is when all our CD's are popped its like classic reck bombs again. If you remove the ability to pop Reck and Colo together it will fix the "LOL OMG WTF" burst that warriors have. Do that, AND remove blanket silence from Pummel, I feel warriors will be balanced.

Been playing WMD this season and I like where my class is at for defensive CD's and mobility, it feels balanced until i drop an almighty !@#$ on someones head with my "IWIN" macro.

As to the comments on Hunter Damage. It's OP. The fact that it is avoidable is a non-issue because the pets are currently ignoring resil. Fix that and I believe hunters are fine.

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