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So, I play destro pve and I'm in moderately good gear, at least I like to think... I feel as though my rotation is alright. I pull 45-50k multitarget and around the same on single target boss. The thing is, I just came out of a heroic in which a fury was doing 110k dps.... Also in full heroics like me. It made me think; is fury that op, am I doing something wrong, do I just need more gear to break into the 60-70k range.... Any feedback?
Heroics aren't really great ways to show DPS (assuming you are wondering what your DPS will be in raids). The only way to really see what everyone's DPS is looking like is to look at logs for raid bosses. The fact that dungeon bosses are fairly quick fights makes bursty classes much better than buildup classes on many fights.

That being said, just charge up 4 embers before every boss pull and DS Chaos Bolt the crap out of the boss. Works like a charm. You can find logs on worldoflogs.com per raid fight if you want to see how the classes/specs compare to each other.
In 5 mans as destro havoc the high HP add, tab shadowburn the low HP adds. Giggle as you duplicate 3x shadowburns on a high HP target while coming out w' more embers than you went in with.

Instant RoF on the run in, F&B aoe, tab target shadowburn. Short 5 man style fights use darksoul + chaosbolt for big CB's or wait till the boss hits 20% and dump all 4x shadowburns.
what you are seeing in the 5man heroics are mobs clumpped up and short boss fights. in those situations alot of bursty melee will out do you especially when it comes to more than one mob they cleave the crap out of everything.

you can also aoe like a boss too, but again with low haste and crit you will not really be able to keep up with those big instant attacks like a fury has. imo.

i do well on 5man bosses, but i basically incenerate spam, and only use CB if i have 4 full embers or if one or two of my trinkets proc, other than that i just refresh immolate and do my filler.

i save up 4 embers for 20% and just spam all 4 shadowburns on the boss and he is usually dead just from my execute spam in a matter of seconds. big damage too.

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