Add loot rules to heroics like LFR.

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I've lost countless hit weapons to healers, it stinks. Anytime I've needed spirit gear simply because it was a better alternative to my quest green, I've asked the healer if they planned on rolling, if they said they didn't need it then I'd roll.

I think if a Main Spec passes needing on an item then off spec should have the opportunity to need.

That being said, if they made it impossible for heals or tanks to roll on dps gear without dpsing that would hurt que times. I'd rater wait in que for 10 min and have healer competition on loot than wait 30 min and not have it.
Thought that was going to be for all groups.
Umm... to all the people saying 'people will queue for their off specs with bad gear' let me remind you that you can go to vendors in each zone and buy gear from them which is slightly weaker than the quest rewards for that zone.

There is no excuse for a paladin who just specced tank to show up in ret gear anymore. Sure his gear will be greens, but he will be able to run normal mode dungeons and earn JP/VP through scenarios and daily quests.

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