THIS is why we love WORLD PVP.

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Klaxxi hand-in location, a group of alliance decides to not let horde have an easy time. This leads to a complete hold and massacre of anyone handing in quests; be it 89 or 90. Your life to be made miserable for being our enemy.

...and then horde organize a mass counter and start to slay those who were slaying before. A large scale battle takes place, /yells from bother factions are spammed and yes this is WARcraft. We're here to KILL not be coddled with queues, not to !@#$% about dying. Aftermath, a pile of bones scattered everywhere...

This is why we roll a PVP server. This is what it used to be 24/7. I hope to kill you soon.
Sounds epic. Really want to reroll onto a somewhat balanced PvP server. Just haven't got around to it yet.
I haven't encountered any major world PvP on my server. Occasionally people will get gibbed while questing, but everyone usually leaves everyone else alone.
Sounds like my server the other day. Only it was ally vs horde in trying to take down the sha of anger. Had 2 40-man ally raids and what looked like 2 maybe 3 40-man horde raids all in kunlei...holy balls man you wanna talk about server lag?

Was fun as hell, trying to make sure YOUR raid got the tag on the Sha while making sure the horde didnt wipe everyone.

Best part was when i finally convinced people that it was a good idea to run in the middle of EVERYONE on the SHA when he was about to MC you, if you're raid didnt have the tag :D
Yesterday when honor vendors were made available, horde raided and wipe out every NPC. I just smiled, sure it was an inconvenience but I love how MOP isn't guarding everything with impenetrable forces.

Yes, Sha has had some epic moments too. ^^

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