Rerolling. Quick Question

Hey all, I've decided that once I hit 90 on this char and get another 1k JP for the BoA Mail Shoulders I'm going to reroll a Horde Hunter.

My question is; What race do you think would be the best for a PvP focus primarily? Undead seems to be a good choice due to the new Racial but I'm still a little indecisive.

Also what professions do you think would be best? I'm thinking Mining/JC atm because of the ability to make some decent money and also being able to make my own gems.
Well, skinning gives you the additional critical strike. But mining and jc kinda go hand in hand. I think they are fairly well balanced. You can easily make self leg and wrist enchants as a leatherworker, but you have access to special gems and such as a jewel crafter.

As far as race, I cant answer because Ive never studied the racial abilities, mainly because they have changed a couple times since vanilla.
Well I decided I'm going to roll an Undead.

And I mainly just want professions that I can make money off of. My only problem with mining/jc is that I'm going to have to spend a lot of time farming mining while leveling to keep it up with my characters level, and get enough ore to do the same for JC.

Skinning/Leatherworking would be really easy and not as dull because I'll be killing mobs to skin them. But does it make any sort of income while leveling/at cap?
Well I like how undead look. I just wish I could find that feature to see all the different tier/arena gear for every race/class/sex combination to help further my opinion. I havent been able to find it in quite a while.

Right now I'm just trying to decide what professions to take. Mainly to make money with while I level. As I can always switch at cap to what I want
same i want to see how the panda model looks on hunter tier

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