Not trying to nitpick blizzard....

I enjoy this game, but there are a few things that are bugging me; not as much as others but yeah.

Not trying to nitpick, but there are quite a lot of people complaining about how Season 12 is probably one of the worst PvP seasons ever.

I know that MoP has only been released for 2 weeks, but I am not sure why blizzard gave us a Beta test to figure out the issues to the game...and ignored us

Then MoP's Pre-release patch was introduced, and people started complaining even more about how unbalanced PvP is. People said it would balance out @90 and I'm pretty sure that didn't happen...

Now Season 12 has started on the 2nd Week of MoP's Release. I briefing looked over the Arena/BG threads and I saw at least 15-20 threads on the very first pages of both, of people complaining about how bad things are right now.

Again, not trying to nitpick blizzard. I'm sure you guys have a lot on your plate right now. But I hope blizzard occasionally browses through the Arena/BG threads, cuz it's bad right now.

that's all, just kinda updating blizzard that they didn't do it right.
Blizzard doesn't care about pvp or their customers that like pvp.

And you know why?

Because even though the game is horrible and our complaints fall to deaf ears we still playing.
Notice how since MoP launched, Shadow Priests are no longer the QQ class?

I mean, we were scary strong when 5.0.4. hit, now were toned down. Things change at end game.

I'm just glad the focus is on warriors again, just like the beginning of Cata. We all know how that turned out for warriors.
I think the player base has gone way down hill, not the game. I have played on & off since WoW came out & the whining & mindless complaining is worse than ever. In the overwhelming majority of cases the complaint is really just a L2P issue. Too many players with the entitlement mentality is the problem.
im going to enjoy it as much as possible, before the nerf hammer and i become a sideshow again. :) i still think s11 was worse

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