What are you doing to fix this?

Technical Support
1) I have set resolution to lowest setting
2) I have disabled all addons
3) I have rebooted cable modem
4) I have rebooted my wireless router
5) I have deleted cache, interface, and the WTF folders

Note: new asus gaming computer, only a month old (with MOP in mind when I purchased it).

Despite this, it took me 5 restarts just to get out of the main horde building in pandaria. I quite often have to fly anywhere from 3 to 5 times to get to one point because I have either lagged out or DCed as I try to go to a spot and dont know it until I get there and cant interact with anything.

I hated Cat and actually left for a spell and only came back because friends asked me to. I looked forward to panda to get cat behind me. Pandaria seems impressive but the lag and DC is driving me nuts. I cant enjoy dungeons because I have will get DCed anywhere from 2 to 15 times in a dungeon. BGs are what I enjoy the most, but to see everyoone freeze in place just as the fight starts is aggrivated. I love having to relaunch and see that my toon it dead.

I put up with a lot to grind my main to 90, but I will not put up with it to level my alts. I can not play a game that I am spending half the time relaunching the game and at times rebooting my computer.
Today is different for me. Usually these huge latency spikes only happen a few times a day randomly, and I can disconnect and reconnect to the server and it usually settles it, but today it's not settling. It seems that every time I try to reconnect, latency just shoots back up to the 3k+ level. I really don't want to stop playing this game, but it is almost inevitable at this point.
the lagging during the fighting and questing/farming is drivingnme nuts. I too may quit playing if this isnt fixed soon. why payout money on a game that you cannot play without freezing up. I'm not able to fix computers without step by step instructions on what to try, but i have tried all the methods thatothers have written on here. This problem was the same on beta and it drove me nuts there the last few weeks to the point that i quit trying to play beta. whats the useof evenplaying panderia if we freeze up during the quests. I expected a few problems, but not the same problems that they didnt bother fixing on the beta version. what really frustrates me is when your in a city and want tog o to a mail box, and you need to trun one clickon the mouse to get there but it truns you so much thatit overshoots the way youactually want to go. happens in stormwind and in panderia while questing traveling or fighting
Here is an interesting thing: I completed delete wow and reloaded for the 2nd time. This time I decided I wouldnt play until it was completely downloaded. Friends/guildies asked me to run some dungeons with them. I checked down load process and it was nearly complete so I agreed.

Manage to get in and move around with o problems. Went to AH and took care of admin stuff as people got ready. Then went into vent and showed some guildies the location of different vendors and we Qed and went to our first dungeon. So far so good, not a problem. We went through the entire dugeon no problem.

After dungeon I was feeling pretty good and started working on some quest as we decided what dungeon to do next. Everything going smothly and no problems with my vent. We decide on sholomance and we were off. Kicking butt with no problem until last boss. In the middle of last boss MOP finished downloading and I started having problems with vent and then on last boss I had giant lag spike towards the end of fight. I missed the final kill but managed to to roll on crap I didnt need.

My vent keep dropping in and out and I kept having lag problems from the moment on. Couldnt do anymore dugeons nor could I even finish simple quest. Then I got DCed and couldnt get back on.

Why would everything run fine while finishing download but go to crap on completion of the download?

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