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So basically, I ordered all the parts and built a new computer. I'm using it to type this right now, but the problem is that it won't recognize my graphics card. I'm currently running off of my "Intel HD Graphics" (that's from the device manager).

The processor: Intel i5-3570
The graphics card: XFX AMD Radeon HD 7950
The motherboard: Asrock Z75 Pro3

Anyways, when I go to device manager, it shows two problems...
1: The "SM Bus Controller" driver is not found.
2: There's an "Unknown Device" in the device manager.

I did run a Windows Fix It and all it gave me was a list of errors, without fixing anything (I used the recommended settings).

Here's the link to the Fix It error list

I have run Windows update multiple times (no updates found ever since I installed a bazillion updates from the original boot), tried uninstalling both of the problem devices from device manager and then restarted, and when I insert my driver CD that came with the GPU it doesn't find any GPU installed.

Nothing is really working. Does anyone have any ideas?
Another note: The graphics card is plugged into the PCI 3.0 slot on the motherboard.

EDIT: I just took the side panel off and the graphics card fan is indeed running, for anyone who's curious.

There are driver links there.

You need to connect your monitor to the graphics card, not motherboard's display out ports.
I've never had my monitor in the motherboards ports. It's been in the graphics cards port ever since I first booted it. :l
Also, I've already been to Pro3 and I can't seem to find anything suggesting it's the SM Bus Controller driver. If it's on there, can you tell me what it's called?
If you connected your monitor to the graphics card, then you shouldn't see Intel HD graphics anywhere, as Intel HD graphics are disabled when dedicated graphics card is installed.

Are you sure you connected it to the actual graphics card's display outputs, with none on motherboard's display outputs?

Are both PCI-E 6 pin plugs plugged firmly into the graphics card.

You should install all the system drivers EXCEPT CIR drivers, SATA RAID drivers, VGA drivers, Lucid Virtu drivers
Yes I'm sure it's plugged into it, and I have both 6-pin power connectors plugged into the card.

I'm going to try installing some drivers I guess, although I can't remember which ones I installed last night.
Take a picture of graphics card installed , and where monitor is connected to on the PC, if that is possible
It'll take a few minutes, but alright.. >.>

I did install the INF driver and it made the SM Bus Controller go away in the device manager, so I assume it downloaded, but I still have an Unknown Device there.
Here it is..

The graphics card
The HDMI monitor plug
Do you have a DVI cable instead?

Try having the card in secondary PCI-E 16x slot.
I do have a DVI cable in my closet.

I guess I could move the card to a different slot, but the one it's in is the only 3.0 slot. Doesn't that affect preformance?
It does not. It will run 100% with PCI-E 2.0 16x slot.

Try using DVI cable first
Changing to the DVI cable did nothing, and yes, I took out the HDMI too.

Device Manager
The error I get when I run my GPU driver CD
Going to sleep, I have work tomorrow.

If there's no solution by then, I guess I'll try putting the GPU in a different PCI slot.
Get driver from AMD website directly.

I already did that. After it was all done it gave me an error saying that there was no card found or something like that.
Try GPU in other PCI-E slot then.
It's working now, or at least being recognized by my computer. So if it's the 3.0 slot that's the problem, how can I make that slot work?

EDIT: Still not working
You don't really need that slot, but if you like to have something that works for sure, you will have to RMA it.

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