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Just wondering if you guys could help me out with putting conditions on macros. I'm trying to combine cloak of shadows, combat readiness and feint all into one.

I know the basic,
/cast [nomod] " "
/cast [mod:shift] " "
/cast [mod:ctrl] " "

But what do i put in between them so it wont activate all abilities at once when they are all off CD.
/cast [mod:ctrl] Combat Readiness; [mod:shift] Cloak of Shadows; Feint

Feints without a mod pressed, Cloaks with shift, CR with ctrl. You can rearrange, obviously. That is the basic format.

Written properly you should never need to use [nomod] as an actual modifier in a macro in 99% of cases. it's usually used when placing something like a Trinket, that's off the GCD onto a macro with modifiers that you only want activated when not using a mod ability, or other more complex situations like that.

For instance:

/use [nomod] 10 <- Engineer glove enchant
/cast [mod:shift] Shiv; Mutilate

Will only activate gloves if off CD when using Mutilate, will not waste it on a Shiv.
Thank you for the quick reply, cleared up things very well and taught me something I didn't know.

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