Sunday @ 8pm server LFM MV

So here's my plan. I'd like to put together a 10 man group to go into the new raid, Mogushan Vault and see what it is like. I want to make it clear that this is by no means an attempt to steal guild members or make a permanent raid group. This is a one time only deal, because of the unique situation that this first week of open raiding has created.

Many of you may be in Alliance guilds that have decided to wait a week before giving the new place a try or are giving your raiders extra time to level and gear up at their own pace. Whatever the reason, i'm going to assume there are a few of you out there who'd like to at least see the new place and fiddle with all the fixtures and switches. I'd think any raid leaders and raiders among you would also like to get a sneak peek at what your guild will be facing when you do step in there that first time. Without the pressure of it being "your" run. So, i'm asking any of you who feel that way to give it a try with me.

So the basics: I have 2 tanks, myself among them, 2 dps and hopefully 1 healer.

I need 3 more dps and at least 2 healers in case my hope turns into disappointment :D.

Minimum ilvl at 450 on the day of, since that is the level of crafted gear. With heroics and justice gear being a higher ilvl then that i can't see justifying accepting anyone at a lower ilvl.

Must be at raid hit/exp cap for dps

Some enchants would be nice, and if you have the mats my alt can most likely enchant you the day of, same with gems though given the way you have to learn them i won't be particular about you having blue quality gems, that'd be crazy green quality is good enough; again my alt can cut them for you if you don't have a jc free of charge. Raid food of +250 will be provided, obviously if you have better you are free to use 'em. Flasks i'll do my best to provide as many as i can but, it's a new xpac and my stores are low, so if you can make your own please bring them. Pots if you want to use em will be entirely on you to bring, i'm not made of money! :D

I have no interest in doing a 3 hour run of bashing our heads into a wall, but nor do i intend to give up after one wipe. I'm going to ask at least one hour worth of attempts, or one flask to see what we can do. Keep it friendly and constructive, i'll lead the group but i won't be deaf to new ideas or strats, just don't try to give em out while we are in the middle of the pull.

Anyone interested reply either here or get in touch with me in game. Invites are at my discretion depending on the best possible raid balance/player skill.
Slight Addendum since i didn't address it in the original post, but it can always be a source of unintended drama...

For the most part the focus of this run is to see the new content rather then gearing out your particular toon. Loot is the cherry on top of the sundae of a new raid and experiece. So that means:

MS over OS on anything that drops for us. Your MS is what you were brought into the run to do. In the event that we do get more then one boss, one ms per person will be enforced unless there is no one rolling against you for a drop.

BoE's: Assuming there are any (i haven't checked) that drop from trash; BoE's will be ms only with an immediate equip. if by some quirk no one at all needs it for ms, it will be sold by my alt Drakinar and the funds distributed 10 ways among the participants.

Patterns: Will be rolled for by max lvl crafters in the run. Only exception is BS patterns, in the unlikely event one of them drops i call dibs. Call it my one act of greed :P

Anything else not covered above will be dealt with as fairly and equitably as possible as it arises.

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