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Moon Guard
Say something nice to the person above you. <3 Saw Bane's post and remembered these. Bringin em back! (I don't require a compliment. Person may say First instead.)
I enjoyed the entertaining posts you used to make on the forums. You were always a pretty chill dude.
While I don't think I've had a chance to RP with you in-game, however, I know you're a lot of fun and have a very interesting character!
Shilo's a great friend to have. Even though I've yet to have the chance to RP with her, I'm sure it'd be well worth it.
Your face is above average.

Good enough? It's late so i'm half assing.
I always found you to be very funny. ^^
Dat TRANSMOG. *sagenod*
Moonsong Blackguard is a great guild, and anyone who is affiliated with it has my approval!
You have a nice beard.
10/05/2012 04:14 AMPosted by Shirexia
You have a nice beard.

is cute.
Blood Elves are awesome.

More awesome then Night Elves.
I like your eyepatch. Makes you look like a pirate.

I was in a group with you for Gate of the Setting Sun. You were a pretty awesome boomkin.
I really enjoy male panda's casting animation, and am glad someone chose a caster over a melee panda!
The idea of a gnome monk intrigues me and I suddenly wonder if I should do the same elsewhere...
I like your hair.
10/05/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Quorthon
I like your hair.

Told death "Bugger off, I'm not quite done yet!"

Pretty admirable if you ask me.
You have a nice figure.

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