<Cry Havoc> (Myrmidons) is now Recruiting!

<Cry Havoc> (Level 17) (Myrmidons on October 11th) is now recruiting exceptional players with past raid experience for our core 10 man group, as well as a second 10 man group later down the road. We are needing heavy ranged DPS (Balance Druid, Warlock, Hunter, Elemental Shaman) Plate Tanks (Paladin, Warrior), and healers (Paladin, Shaman, Monk). Our raid days and times are Friday, and Sunday from 6 - 9 PM Server Time, willing to change our second day around. We are very active and offer help to any of our members. Age 18+ is preferred. We have a website to manage characters, and events, as well as a teamspeak server to provide commuincation and a fun place to hang out. Along with our weekly raids, I am possibly looking for another guild to do weekly 25 man's and/or to do LFR with. If you are interested in joining or contacting me about the whole 25 man situation please contact me in-game or via email. You can also find information and/or apply @

Email: alex-j-r@nmsu.edu
Battlenet Id: Zerimar#1774

Officers: Creamybiege, Sgttrinity, Altusanimus

You may also contact me at Alt#1570.

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