Current State Of Warriors


This is a video that i quickly put together that highlights some of the insane things that warriors are capable of. This listing of thing are as such:

1v2 in Arena
1v2 and Not dieing due to defensive CD rotation in 2nd wind
Globaling People

I know it is not the greatest looking movie because I just started working with Vegas, but I am planning on putting more of these together just for show. If you have any questions just drop them in this thread.
that was 1900 mmr
It's not insane that people can't dps through your second wind because they blow their cds in the first two seconds. Just look at those hunters in that video. People are QQ'ing about not being able to kill warriors anymore because they won't adjust to not being able to steamroll over us as easily.
Next time tell your Priest or Druid that when the queue pop not to enter

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