What type of healing do we do best in raids?

Was wondering are shammys better at tank healing or raid healing or what?
Our strength is raid healing but we can do tank healing, too. Pop Healing Tide Totem, Spirit Link Totem, Healing Rain, Ascendance, and spam Chain Heal...you're going to see some pretty incredible numbers. Like...holy god. !@#$, even without cooldowns, spamming Chain Heal with Healing Rain down is great raid healing. Maybe pop a Healing Stream Totem just for %^-*s.

But we can be pretty great tank healers too if we need to focus. Thanks to our mastery, Unleashed Fury, and being able to have Tidal Waves up 100% of the time, we can pump out some very fast, BIG single target heals.
It depends on the player, their style and gear, but we're really well rounded. I usually end up raid healing primarily.
Well thats why you play a shaman. We can heal anything. Amazing aoe burst healing, Great sustained aoe healing, a bit less than a druid or holy priest because of mana regen atm. Great tank healing abilities with Riptide glyph able to keep 100% uptime tidal waves + UE glyph + GHW. Theres nothing that a shaman cannot heal. Utility is amazing.
I've found myself doing both at some point, sometimes both at the same time! Worked so far for me.
10/05/2012 02:15 AMPosted by Sundarella
or what?

IMO we are better at "or what". Heal who needs to be healed with the correct heal for the situation.
Shamans excel at doing tank healing and raid healing at the same time.
The thing that shaman's are the king of is sustained stacked AoE healing.
-Sustained because healing rain has a decent duration, so if the raid gets topped off too fast that gets wasted.
-Sustained because the Earthliving Procs are often wasted if people get topped off for a high % of the fight.
-Stacked because healing rain and chain heal are only good for targets who are fairly close together. (well healing rain does have a nice radius, chain heal is less forgiving)

Remove the sustained and we lose a little (if people get topped off due to other class burst heal really fast we lose big).
Remove the stacked and we lose a lot.

... Shaman's are fine tank healers, but are by no means op at it. We have almost no instant healing if we see a tank spike (hope tidal waves is up and hit healing surge... wait 1.3 seconds) and none of our healing is shielding so overheal is simply overhealing if we are spamming a tank to keep his health from spiking. We are better than some, worse than some imo.
Ty all

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