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Given the current environment and that there are absolutely no scaling changes to consider with later tiers, there is no reason to expect that anything will change from the current way people are doing things to get gold in challenge modes.

Is it going to be the case that record time runs will require certain class compositions? I cannot possibly imagine it was intended for the currently miles-ahead-combination of DK healing and DPS off-healing to function as ridiculously well as it is, and as a result the long term records for gold medals will simply never be overtaken if changes are made to essentially enforce a healer requirement (as all other tanks have). Within the following weeks, there is absolutely no doubt that every record will be held by a party that involves a blood DK and atleast one, if not both, of an elemental shaman and a shadow priest (or, indeed, multiple elemental shamans and shadow priests).

However, the only way to overcome that issue would be to wipe current records, which I cannot imagine would go over well with those holding it.

What is the design paradigm that will be guiding this situation?
Saw this coming in one form or another, at least the composition component to it.
10/05/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Firestyle
Saw this coming in one form or another, at least the composition component to it.
I don't think anyone was under some sort of pretense that every class and spec would perform equally, but I believe that one tank being able to run tank+4dps for a lot of the content significantly more easily well and truly passes the point of what is a reasonable expectation for balance.

I love tanking and I have 3 of the 4 tank classes at 85, but at the moment it feels like it would be a waste of my resources to level any bar the DK if my goal is golds or records.
Pretty sure they outright said they won't really balance it, only the best group makeups will be able to top the leaderboards (like arenas!).

Anyone should be able to manage gold with a well organized and balanced group though.
Yeah, Blizzard pretty much said if you want gold, you need a bloodlust in your group.

They knew from the beginning that the design of challenge modes were a complete failure, and goes against the idea they've had for the last 5 years of bringing the better player over the better class.

They'll never be balanced. All you can do is hope you have the right friends.
You'll be able to get gold with most reasonable comps, but i don't see them bothering to balance the top of the leader boards.

Like other people said, it'll be a mirror image of rbgs/arenas, etc.
Like I said already, I didn't have any preconceptions that they will be balanced, but there is a big difference between, say, one tank/healer combo having particularly strong synergy, as compared with one tank out of 5 being able to not require a healer at all for the majority of the content.

That goes far beyond unbalanced. That completely changes the paradigm for 1 tank out of 5 only, and makes 3 out of 5 heal-capable classes almost completely worthless for running competitive challenge modes.

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