H Pally trinket suggestions.

Hey guys, basically i need a decent hpallys opinion on what trinket would be better for the stone guard/feng 10man.

basically i (and the rest of the healers) go oom around 20/30% on stoneguard and i was wondering what would be most beneficial on keeping up my mana, or putting out more potent heals so i dont have to spam as much.

i currently have these 3 trinkets




i have been running the vial and egg combo for the whole week, and just wondering if i switch out the egg for the price of progress il be able to sustain my mana more.

im currently doing constant 45-55k hps each fight.
Yes, of couse you would get more regen if you would use regen trinkets instead of a throughput trinket. Try to get the fruit barrel from stormstout.
10/07/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Sparklefever
Vial and Price.
Try to get the fruit barrel from stormstout.
No, no, and heck no.

Spirit with Intellect proc/on-use is as bad as ever.

That's probably a little bit of an exaggeration lol

Techinically it's MORE spirit and more regen than Vial. If there happens to be an ideal circumstance where the int proc consistently lines up with heavy damage, then I see no reason that it wouldn't be better than Vial, granted that is a very rare situation. My main point being it's not nearly as bad as you are making it sound.
I think all of the trinkets mentioned in this thread have their place. Vial and Price, as static Intellect trinkets with pretty significant mana returns as secondary effects, should be your defaults. If you run into a situation where you have tons of mana and would like a boost to your throughput, I think swapping one of your trinkets for the Egg would be a pretty decent idea.

Fruit Barrel really isn't that great for the reason that Sparklefever mentions, but it undoubtedly is going to be more regen than the other trinkets, so it wouldn't hurt to keep it in your bags in case you are really running into major, major mana issues. But I would use that as a last resort tbh.

That's what I was going to do, until I decided to splurge on a Darkmoon card (because what else am I going to spend my gold on? I already have a yak...).

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