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I keep adding battle tag friends but they never accept. All the people I asked said they never get them and when they send them to me I don't get them either.
Are you on a Starter Edition account? If so, they cannot use Battletag or Real Id friends lists.

EDIT: Just saw all your alts that are high level. DO you have Real Id turned on in your communications settings? DO you have parental controls on?
I have one real ID friend already and I don't have any parent controls. If I click their name or enter their battle tag number it says that the request has been sent, but it never shows up.

I've had a lot of random people tell me the same thing. They try to add me instead and nothing ever shows up for me either.

I didn't think that Real ID and Battle Tag Friends were the same thing.
Have you double-checked that the parental controls have not been somehow turned on, blocking your ability to use Real ID?

Have you also double-checked your in-game settings to verify that the RealID system has not been inadvertently turned off?

It can't hurt to check these things.

Also, do a complete interface reset and try to add/have someone add you without any addons present in your installation. This could be a display issue, or a corrupted addon could be blocking the request from being sent/received.

There used to be many times that I'd try to put in a ticket using the in-game ticket system and have it fail to send due to a GUI error from a bad addon blocking the ticket from being sent out.
Well I know that my Real ID works because I have a friend on Real ID and I talk to him every day so there is no way it could be turned off. I don't have any parent controls on my account.

I just deleted all my interface folders the other day to fix another problem and it didn't solve this. I don't use any addons.

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