I want to get epic gear. How much money would it cost to get either BS or engineering to 600 and how much would the epic head item (engineering) or plate body (bs) cost to make? This is all approximate prices.
It varies server to server. It could cost a couple of thousand on my server and set you back 10k on yours. Your best bet is to go to the undermine journal and look at the prices on your server.

As for crafting epic gear. Good luck!!!!! Most patterns are gated behind dailys and spirit of harmonies. Also any plate gear you craft is going to require living steel, which on my server last night was going for 1500g a bar. The engineer goggles also require living steel. A friend of mine made his goggles and spent roughly 30k to just make the goggles. Not sure what he spent on leveling engineering. My blacksmith friend was fed bars by me, an alt of his and he bought some.

Why are you concerned with the color of the text on your gear? No one has much in the way of purple text gear right now. Epic gear will come just seems like blizz wants it to remain rare for the beginning of the expansion.
By the time you get engineering at least, to max skill, then the money/items to make the thing:

You'll probably have the ability to get as good or better a head piece at level 90 (which would take you less time to get, getting level 90 I mean.)

Its really only worth it for a slower leveling, scrub engineer like myself; Getting that thing at level 87, which I'm set up to do now (with a few more living steel transmutes, since my other is alchemy), it will last quite some time.

I notice you are 90 already. You seem to be going for pvp gear, so I guess the Eng head might last you some for a pve set. On my server the living steel, if you buy them, are like 1300 gold each still. I have 3 of 6, from transmuting myself. The wild jade is the other expensive component. There is no harmony component, since this is like the one higher thing in Eng I can make because of that.

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