How do you get melee off you?

I sure as hell can't.
Kill them.
Sure, demonic circle: teleport works great until you're immediately charged, or death gripped. Then what? Spend 10% health on a blood fear that gets immediately trinketed, reflected, immuned, etc?

Can we get some serious responses in here? I'm having a really hard time doing anything once a melee sets his sights on me.
As a melee speaking, youre doing it wrong .
Depends which spells you picked. When I'm demo i use hand of guldan that will get you a couple of yards, then just spam fel flame while you run in circles. If they charge you use your fel hunters axe stun or if you're using voidwalker the disarm. Same thing goes for demo but instead of hand of guldan you'll be using conflag for the slow. and affliction has coe. Its not too bad when its just one melee, but usually in bgs it seems that all the melee go for me, then its impossible unless you already have your gateway set up with some carges on it, then you can kite them around pretty well.
Rogues. easy mode to peel off. Pallies, easy mode. Dk's, kinda easy mode.

Warriors... might as well just dig your own grave :P
10/06/2012 02:01 AMPosted by Adramelch
As a melee speaking, youre doing it wrong .

Very insightful.

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