How long is a guild charter good for?

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I just bought a 5 tab guild with the name Leprkun's Bank. I want to change it to the name on the guild charter I have been saving. Someone told me that old guild charters expire, but I haven't found any info to that effect. I read info on how to do the name change and am prepared to do this in a week except I may have screwed myself over by thinking ahead.

Help! Any is appreciated.
Pretty sure you're going to have to delete that old guild charter before you can change the guild's name to the one on the charter.
Just delete it? It isn't logged somewhere? DUH... ok, end worrying.
I do not see a Customer Support question there, Norraamanti. This is also a thread from 2012.

You want the Guild Recruitment forum and will want to create you own, new thread -

And you may want to leave out the calling out of another guild, it may cause the post to be moderated/deleted.
Norraamanti you dug up a 3 year old thread which has no relevance to what you posted.

Recruitment ads need to go in the Guild Recruitment forum.

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