Keybinds? Ui? Post em!

Someone else has a balance specific keybind thread, and it made me wonder about the rest of us. So I figured a place to share your binds, and even your UI would be cool.

My druid has the most keybinds of any of my toons, and coming back to MoP after a long break, I had to unbind everything, write it down, assign priority, and map it out. The screenshot below is what i came up with. There's also a side bar that's mouse-over only with improved form-shifting macros, and a few other things I don't need to see all the time.

**EDIT: I remember grabbing this screenshot earlier today because of the back-and-forth about feral PvP damage being low. I wasn't exactly stacking KB's in this particular BG, but being outdamaged only by a spriest, mage, and DK made me kinda happy :)
1,2,3,4,q,e,z,x,c,f,t 1 to 12 on my mouse buttosn razor naga FTW and tab for focus target.

basicly every hot key i need everythign else beyond that i just click lol

24 hot keys for moves all u need relaly for me:P
I just love you because you said GG. Slick looking ui tho, I am still rolling with the standard stuff. I just came back into this not even a month ago. HOWEVER I will post something later maybe if i remember, but here is a very basic idea of my keybinds.

` = DB, WC
shift + ` = Travel Form (power shift)
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 (all with cntrl, shift modifiers for keybinds) < these are typically dps/healing spells with some focus macros in the mix

q,e,r,t,c,v,f,z ( all with cntrl, shift, alt modifiers) These are usually my "oh noes" Barkskin, roots, cyclone, ns so forth for example.

S (HA! I have this fully key bound to cntrl, shift and alt, as well as stand alone!) :| Silly back peddles. Trinkets!! As well as engineering goodies.

a,w,d are primarily movement/strafe. I try to not add shift modifiers to these to prevent accidents! We all make them.

I also have mouse keybinds...

I have my raid buffs in the usual place, but I configured it to display my mitigation buffs like Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Savage Defence etc as well as any debuffs I recieve seperately where they're more easily visible.

My most controversial decision is the lack of a combat text addon. I think Combat Text addons are dumb because they make you focus on the wrong information. I think that even when I DPS, knowing how hard each individual thing hits for is useless information. Im only concerned with my overall DPS and I can monitor that after the fight using Recount Staring at a bunch of numbers helps me none in combat. I use the standard combat text to only display the damage I recieve so that I can evaluate how much of it is magical or physical and use mitigation accordingly.

I have too many keybinds. Let's just say all of my left side of the keyboard is bound with shift and ctrl modifiers.

You have like three seperate timers displaying the duration of your debuffs. Why is that?

Ultra minimalist! How big is your monitor?
Universal Loot-A-Rang, Skull Bash, Fishing, Aquatic Form, Flight Form, Travel Form, Cat Form (indoors only), Non-Flying Mount, and equip primary gear set macro:

PART ONE (activates part 2)

/cast [dead]Loot-A-Rang;[form:1]Skull Bash;[form:3]Skull Bash;[equipped:Fishing Poles]Fishing
/click [equipped:Fishing Poles];[noharm]MultiBarRightButton3;
/run if GetShapeshiftForm()>0 then DoEmote("incoming") else end


/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form;[combat,outdoors] Travel Form;[nocombat,flyable,outdoors]Swift Flight Form; [nocombat,noflyable,outdoors]X-53 Touring Rocket; Cat Form
/equipset [nocombat,spec:1]Tank;[nocombat]DPS;

Only just recently switched back over to resto, all heals macro'd to mouseover>target>self
Still working on everything else for situations that come up.

Mouseover macros for heals, Razer Naga 12 keys with shift modifiers.

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