DISCONNECTS: Charter Cable

Technical Support
Hub Location: Madison, Wisconsin

You have been connected to Gregory.
Gregory: It's a great day here in Charter since we're hearing from you, where you are the number one priority! I'm Greg, I'm glad to be your technical advisor today. How can I help you, <This Guy!>?
<This Guy!>: Heya Gregory! Are there currently any issues with the Madison, WI hub?
Gregory: Please let me check on that.
<This Guy!>: Sure thing
Gregory: I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your Charter Internet service. I can definitely help you fix your internet problem and find out if there's a problem going on in your area.
Gregory: May I please have your complete service address including the zip code?
<This Guy!>: <Zip Code>
<This Guy!>: <Address>
Gregory: Thank you so much for verifying your service address.
Gregory: Please give me a second.
Gregory: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. I have checked for possible interruptions in your area, and it shows that there is currently an internet-related concern affecting your area. Currently, we do not have an estimated time of repair, however our technicians are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this concern.
Gregory: We would like to make this up to you by ensuring that you’re called back as soon as the outage is over. May I ask for a good callback number?
<This Guy!>: Sure, ###-###-####
Gregory: Thank you.
Gregory: I'll give you number to our dispatch so that they'll notify as soon as the outage is fixed.
Gregory: I appreciate the time and effort you have spent to initiate this chat session. Will there be anything else I can help you with?
<This Guy!>: Nope, that's it! Thanks!
I'm in Plover, WI and I can't log in either. ><

Stuck on "Logging in to game server."
I'm near Chicago.. I'm not even in Wisconsin. :P It's just the closest regional node
Stevens Point, WI here. Getting the same type of thing. I get stuck on "Logging into game server."
I am in Western Michigan and I am having the same issues.
<--Eastern Michigan and have charter and ive had tons of connection issues over the past week or so, hope this gets fixed soon
Southern Wisconsin checking in with this same issue.
central tennessee i can connect at the moment but have been having the same issues all week
I am in Michigan as well with Charter. I am actually really glad to see this post so I know it's not just me having these issues.
I can't even log in now. Once I get past the success screen and the logging into server boss I get another effing auto disconnect.
I was about to make a post about disconnections all night, but this topic is relevant to my problem. My bf & I (we live together in Madison, WI) have had disconnections all night long with errors such as "instance aborted" "player not found", stuck on "logging into game server", "character not found". These sounded like they were WoW-related, and not internet-related, yet NO ONE in our guild or in the dungeons we were in were having these issues, so I was wondering if it was region-related. Now I see that it is (and yes, we have Charter). However, it's still just.. so weird. We're online, but we can't log onto Earthen Ring. I can log onto my characters on Alterac Mountains and play there, but not my ER ones. So strange. =\

Anyways, glad to see they're working on it.
I am having the problem as well, Lower Michigan. But I seem to be also having problems occasionally while on websites as well, not at the moment obviously but it is going slower and some things have won't load up etc. Is this happening for others too or just a WoW issue?
For us, it's just WoW. I am SO confused by that lol. Everything else works, but just not my main realm. Very strange.
Just wondering for those of you that can connect and have charter and also have charter as an isp are you getting random DC's all the time or do they seem to be more focused around while your in a group ( LFG or BG's ) as that seems to be when i'm having the most of the issues i do get random lag spikes from time to time while questing however 3-5 DC's while running a single instance isn't out of the question at the moment for me
I'm having problems with my browser as well, not just WoW. Some pages will load just fine and others won't load at all.
I can't even log in, stuck at connected! Then if it goes through, I get character not found or Logging into game server. Talking on the live chat with someone from charter now to see what they say as well

Same with me Pallyshore, lot slower as well
For myself it seems to be mainly a WoW issue however i have DC'ed from Vent also but the dc's from vent seem to co-inside with major lag spikes / dc's from WoW

i will add that aside from vent and WoW everything else runs smoothly
i also am getting stuck on the connecting screen, i live around springfield, il and do not have charter. so its a problem with WoW, please fix soon!!
Eau Claire, WI. Started about 2 hours ago for me on Charter Communications.
Yooper here, born and raised. I too have Charter. I am getting the disconnects as well tonight. Also, my Netflix was working until about an hour ago now that is shot too. Rhapsody works but cuts out occasional, forcing me to restart the app. I honestly am sick of the outages we get up here. There only reason I stay with Charter is there really isn't much in terms of high speed connections available where I live, which is in the sticks.

Talking to their customer support is like talking to a brick wall, so don't even bother imo. Just wait it out. The outages(even partial ones like this) usually only last a few hours tops. The longest outage I've seen was an entire day. That was a couple years ago when they were building a Walmart in a town about 15 miles from me and the idiots managed to cut some important cable or something while digging. That wasn't Charter's fault though I guess.

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