Leveling question

Alright, i just dinged lvl 80 and may I say that leveling this character has givin me the best expieriences playing this game already. But what im really here for is to ask a question. Is it better to tank dungeons (insta ques) or quest. i dont have enough time to quest in between dungeons and i dont really care about Lore yet, Thanks!
Efficient questing as ret should be faster than dungeons, even with instant queues. Even if you were to have triple XP from recruit a friend questing should be faster.

Dungeons, though, are easier, which is why a lot of people prefer to do them for levelling. I myself level a few casual alts purely via dungeons and rested xp, simply because I can't be bothered remembering where I left off with them, then doing the quests, then leaving them for two weeks and forgetting where I left them.

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