<Royal> 1/16Heroic 10m US-Thaurissan [LF DPS]

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Royal is currently recruiting to fill our core 10 man team. We are interested in inviting ranged DPS to trial for raid positions based on personal performance.

About Royal

Royal was co-founded by myself (Fearom) and Qissy mid 2012. Our goal is to be one of the top guilds in Oceania with high end progression for MoP. Royal looks for raiders with three core traits:

  • 1. Quality: An excellent attitude toward personal skill development. We want world class gamers.
  • 2. Personality: Happy, nice, humorous and comfortable. Not trolls, griefers or haters.
  • 3. Confidence: in themself and those around.

  • Royal expects that our guild members are people, not just gamers. Everyone has their own opinion and those within the core are immediately 'officers'. One clique, one guild council, one group of exceptional players that will always attempt to be the best they can whilst enjoying the company of each other.

    Website: http://www.guildroyal.com

    What we have to offer

    Royal members have been raiding playing end game from classic until current content. Years of raiding experience; each member has significant progression experience across multiple tiers of raid content.

    Royal is aiming for realm firsts and our entire guild has approached MoP with an attitude for success.

    Our guild aims to provide a very comfortable and respectable home for our members whilst still reaching those end game, hard-core kills that everyone wants to achieve.

    What we're looking for

    In addition to the main points above we are looking for raiders with the following:

  • Knowledge: of raid encounters through investigation of incoming content. You must also know your class, gemming, etc. at an excellent level.
  • You must be an end game raider; previous end game raid experience is essential
  • Hunger. I want to see our raiders constantly pushing to better their abilities. Provide more DPS/Healing etc. I do not want to see one person topping DPS charts every attempt
  • Ability to attend every scheduled raid. With the exception of emergencies guild members must have 100% attendance.
  • The ability to adapt. If something isn't working, you should be able change.

  • We are currently looking for:

    Class: any exceptional ranged DPS

    Raid Times are acceptable for most Australian/NZ/SG/MY players.

    Whilst we are only looking for the above class for our core team, we are always interested in casuals with similar experience/attitude as mentioned above. Casuals need only apply in game and do not need a formal application.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of Royal and feel you would be a good fit, please apply at http://www.guildroyal.com or contact Fearom or Qissy in game.
    Up, still looking for a tank.

    Battletag: Fearom#1310
    Update: now looking for casuals and subs.
    Also consider a monk healer.
    Up still looking for solid ranged DPS for core or sub positions.
    Going up.
    Still recruiting?, have a ele shaman just hit 90, can gear up asap, might need help from guild to do it quickly.
    Hi Pallyhero, Fearom and Qissy decided to quit. A few of us have taken over and are looking to replace their spots.

    <Play On> is a re-named guild previously known as <Royal>. Due to un-forseen circumstances, we are re-forming our raid group to continue progression.

    We are currently open to all applications.

    We have cleared 6/6 Normal MSV first week and 1/6 Heroic second week of MSV release. We are looking to solidify our roster with dedicated, talented and enthusiastic players. Our aim is to be server first for encounters.

    We're exceptional players with regular WoL rankings, and we ask the same of anyone that would like to apply.

    Please see our website if you think you have what it takes.


    Raids are 9 pm- 12:30 am

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