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I have witnessed the TRUE end Time! This? This is a blessing you simply cannot comprehend!

Aman'Thul... What I have seen...

These lines always struck me as curious. What IS the true end time? What could be worse than the fate of the world in that instance? What was Muzorond so obsessed with stopping? Will we see it now that we've dealt with him?
Truth is, we don't know; we may never know, what the true End Time is.

Murozond could be insane and convinced that what he saw is a worse situation, when it may in fact be better.

Or he could have been lying or lied to.
The True End Time is the collapse of the timeline because Nozdormu didn't do his job.

As the Time Line collapses, the mortals of Azeroth try and stabilize it, making things worse. Due to the unstable time stream, the Arcane magic of the world will malfunction, causing it to slowly eat away at the world. causing immense pain. And as the timeline gets closer and closer to complete and utter nothingness, time will stretch more and more, where each second feels like a thousand thousand years. And as sanity flees the populace of Azeroth in droves, as the pain eats away at their cognitive abilities, they shall watch as their greatest triumphs fall.

Only then do they have my permission to die.
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The true end of time is probably the Burning Legion taking over Azeroth and the rest of the universe and converting all mortals into demons and destroying the Titans themselves. Effectively putting an end to ANYTHING that could possibly ever stop them. We all know that WoW is going to end with the Burning Legion. Technically, it all began there, and it will end there. Full circle and all. Notice how almost all the Caverns of Time instances have SOMETHING to do with the Legion (yes, even the Arthas one, because the Legion created the Lich King).

Sort of this... Though i'm more of the mind that it's the Legion taking Azeroth, and unintentionally unleashing the Old Gods in their entirety. We've never really been told that, in the End Time, the Old Gods had really been freed, at least not in full. However, we have been told (through novels) that if the Legion Burned Azeroth, the Old Gods would be free, and they would then to unnamed, nasty things to people like Sargeras.

Alternatively, since Azeroth isn't the only planet with Old Gods,

To the best of my knowlege, this remains somewhat dubious. There is suspiccion that the Sethik were trying to summon one in Outland, and we do know a follower of them was found in the Arkatraz, but i've never read something which has confirmed that they are elsewhere. We also know that, at least when the Titans found them on Azeroth, they had no clue what the things were.
The "End Time" we were present for was only the Hour of Twilight. The fall of Azeroth, yes, the ultimate vengeance of the Old Gods... But only Azeroth was gone.

In his last moments, Murozond curses Aman'thul. Aman'thul's influence goes far above and beyond Azeroth.

In the True End Time, the entire universe falls, not just one planet.

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