Transmog Set Bounty List! Gold for the Loot!

Wyrmrest Accord
Now, I'm after the 'Peerless' Leather set, specifically the Peerless Boots, Peerless Gloves and Peerless Leggings. Also seeking the Heraldic Belt, Heraldic Belt as well.

I am offering a 200 gold bounty for each piece, negotiable within reason. Please no more retarded offers for 1k a piece ...

I have come across a set of Cabalist Spaulders Cabalist Spaulders as well as a Warden's Footpads Warden's Footpads and a Sentinel Gloves Sentinel Gloves, and would be willing to swap them if necessary, . Again, negotiable.

This is an open offer to anyone, anywhere, Horde or Alliance, to help me GET THIS DAMN SET!

Any and all help and/or offers considered with gratitude!
I might have the rageclaw shoulder pads sitting on an alt. I can check later, for you, if I remember.
Belt has been acquired, but the offer still stands.
The chest has been purchased, now all I require is the Peerless Legging, Peerless Boots and Peerless Gauntlets
Thank you for the bump, Kiethoo.

Now please get rid of the itallic'd comment, it's not helping.
Kiethoo, get out of a man's transmog thread. You've got your own requesting your pieces, leave the man some peace to request his own.

I'll keep my eyes peeled while leveling various things, Krenk.
Relax. I was just saying I had the same Transmog Idea....
Would you mind losing the italiced comment from your first post then, so there's no confusion and people don't try to sell the item to me for that stupid amount, thanks?
10/07/2012 08:02 AMPosted by Kietho
Relax. I was just saying I had the same Transmog Idea....

Telling people you'll pay more for a piece of transmog gear is more than saying you had the same idea.

It would be appreciated if you edited that out.
*Flings back to the first page!*
Okay, the people who must think they're being funny by sending me C.O.D. mail with the items for thousands of gold, it's not funny. Kiethoo, edit your post please.
*Fists of Fury's the thread back to the first page*
I'll keep an eye out for you, Basa! Sorry people are being jerks.
Rageclaw Shoulders have been purchased!
I'll try to keep an eye out, seeing pieces of peerless besides the chest/headband up for long is a bit uncommon due to the whole supply/demand thing >.>

And certain people stockpiling them for their own things, of course.
Tell me about it ....
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaargh bump!
Punts a Gnome without due cause

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