Idea for Feral Energy Regen

I like how Soul of the Forest works, but making ferals choose energy regen over a damage cd seems kind of unfair when you have rogues energy regen rolled into slice and dice. I was thinking why not apply the same co efficient of energy regen to Savage Roar as you do Slice and Dice ? If a blue could respond with a possible logic behind why Dev's don't do this that I'm just not seeing it would be appreciated.
All of Feral's damage abilities require Energy. Since SotF allows you to use your abilities more frequently it is, in fact, a damage-increasing ability. I'm not sure about the numbers but I know SotF gives better sustained DPS at the cost of a burst cooldown and Incarnation gives better burst DPS at the cost of SotF.

Having both abilities would give Ferals great sustained DPS and awesome burst, which is something they don't need atm. Just choose between the two.
I think rogues have great burst cd's as well. For example Shadow Dance which is on a 1 minute cd. I just think there is a great difference between feral and rogue energy regen, and I just don't really see the reason.

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