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I've been leveling up my Tailoring and Enchanting, but I've come to realize that I could be making much more gold with a gathering profession. My question to you is which brings in the most gold?

I have a rogue with Max-ed out Mining/JC, so I'd be looking at either Herbalism or Skinning. Alternatively, I could take advantage of that Alt's Mining and have my Warlock pick up Engineering for all of those cool toys.

What do you all suggest I do?
Keep tailoring and enchanting on that toon. Roll a tauren druid that does herbalism and mining. Fulfill all of your skinning needs at the auction house. Eventually get an alchemist (either your rogue or a new toon) and transmute spec it.

While enchanting doesn't directly make a ton of gold unless you work it, it does indirectly enable a ton of strategies to make tons of gold. And tailoring allows you to make the special cloths (cata ones make 26-slot bags, mop ones make currently valid gear and such) on a cooldown. Once you level those professions up, you can convert all that dirt cheap windwool cloth into enchanting mats.
I find mining to be the best. I make about 15k a day off of smelting ghost iron and just selling the bars.

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