Horde shaman race (pvp and pve)

Hey guys, my shaman is currently a goblin but I'm considering going panda for the stun and double food buff. I'm resto and enjoy casual pve (5 mans, 10 mans) and pvp (bgs, RBGS, maaaaaybe some 2s and 3s).

I'm looking for some input on whether the race change is worth it. Thanks.
would you prefer the look of a Panda? I get the feeling in the long term it will not matter much.

Go by looks only, while a racial skill can make a difference in PVP they are also ripe for the nerfbat. So race change with care if you are doing it strictly for the racial, you do not want to blow 25 bucks for the stun and then blizzard swings the nerf sledge hammer.
Sadly I'm not really a fan of any Horde shaman appearances. The food buff racial is pretty appealing right now. Double spirit food? Yum. :)

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