Looking for solid arena partners

As the title states, I'm looking for competent arena partners for this season. Mainly looking for a solid 3s team, but also willing to derp around in 2s for funzies.

I have 2.4k experience on my warlock, but I will be playing feral druid this season. All I ask is for you to be close to equally geared, and some notable arena experience under your belt.

Comp dosent really matter to me right now, I've never been a fan of running flavor of the month comps. I just need players with the same mind set and skill as I.

You can contact me here, or ingame as Okward.
Check with Nekura, he's a guildie who bleeds for pvp.
i've been playing a dk at 2300 3s/5s/rbg rating in the last 2 seasons (trumpcards misha). made a new dk on this server to chill with my buddies.

i'd love to play any brackets of arena with you, message me in game :)
Hoping to make friends with some PVP healers, it's pretty rediculus how dead the PVP scene is on this server. =(
Look me up on my Shadow Priest if your in need of a partner or just looking to Q some bgs.

It's deader than dead on alli side.
Tooltip sucks :P

J/k one of the best pvpers I have played with!
Only two 2200 teams on Hyjal, one on Alliance one on Horde. That's not to say there aren't some worthy PvPers. After all, I'm pretty amazing, but I'm annoyed with MoP PvP (Step 1: blow your offensive CDs all at once. Step 2: Did you win? If not, wait 3 minutes and repeat), especially playing a class with no proper defensive CDs.

If I start playing again I might be willing to give it a shot with your feral, though. Enhance/feral should still be decent (it's what I played last season with great success), or perhaps I'll end up leveling my ret or warrior.
I'm looking for a 3s team on my H paladin if you are still in need of a healer.
im in for 2's or 3's add me in game
Full Dread/Mal Resto Shaman ( 1488 CR Rbgs ) 1400 CR in 2s atm. Always down for Bgs, Arena, or RBGs.

Also working on my warlock, getting him geared up.
I am looking for arena or RBGs. Look me up in game if anyone is interested for a Spriest

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