<Kitten Mittens> 10m 6/6 2/6 Mage/Sham/Hunter

Guild Name: Kitten Mittens
Raid Times: Sunday, Monday 8pm - 12pm EST and Tuesday 10pm - 1am EST.
Homepage: http://kittenmittens.shivtr.com

About us:
<Kitten Mittens> started as a group of good real life friends that were raiding in different top guilds. For Mist of Pandaria we decided to make our own guild to have fun together on top of progressing through this expansion.
We are a 10 man guild and plan to stay that way, we find the environment more friendly and stable. We are not a hardcore guild in the sense that we raid 3 days a week but we also want to clear the content as fast as possible. We only need a few skilled and fun players to fill our raid group.

What we are looking for:
  • Ele Sham with Resto Offspec
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • We also could use a dedicated Tank, any exceptional application from another class will be considered.

    What we expect from you:
    We expect all raiders to come prepared to raids and show up on time. We will provide the food feast but not the flasks. We usually post videos and strats on our website so there is no excuse to be clueless on a boss fight. We do go over the fight before we pull, but that is a quick overview to get everyone on the same page with the strat.

    What you can expect from us:
    The Loot system is Lootcouncil, council being almost the entire raid. We all have a BiS list for normal and hard mode drops for each other to speed up the looting process. We give token 2 at a time to access set bonus as fast as possible so we don't end up with bunch of raiders with 1/4 or 3/4 on their tier set. Even if we are mostly good friends any new comers will have the same fair chance at loot as us.

    To apply you can either go on our website http://kittenmittens.shivtr.com or contact Episteak, Jaë, Leviticûs ingame for more information.
    Can i join just because of the kick !@# name?
    10/07/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Horseporn
    Can i join just because of the kick !@# name?

    Sure just whisper anyone online, we have a Kitten rank :).

    Still looking for raiders!!
    Still looking for a DK?
    Blood/Frost here. Interested, will send you a tell once I get pass this 1.3k queue.
    Blood/Frost/Unholy, constantly changing based on the raid's needs. I started playing around 4.3 and I haven't been in a "serious" guild yet, but I'm ready to progress. I'll talk to you guys more f I can get through this queue =\ Happy Pandaria...ing!
    Really need a tank monk/druid.
    >Bumps FTW<
    ./Bumping for the cool kids\.
    Still looking mostly for a mage and hunter, any other exceptional players as well.
    Contact Episteak, Jaë, Leviticûs ingame or http://kittenmittens.shivtr.com for more information.

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